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Food Photography & Video That Stands Out – In A Good Way

By Creative Video Concepts, Video Production Filming, Video Production Tools and Tips

3 Tips for Food Footage That Rocks Your Brand Ever seen a video ad or TV commercial where the food was, well… less than appetizing?  Under studio lights ice cream melts, salads wilt and sauces run all over the place.  Ugh.  Some photographers spend their entire lives mastering this specialized craft, and that experience shows in their work. As a…

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You Don’t Need a 4K Brand Video, But You’ll Want One Anyway – Part Two

By Creative Video Concepts, Video Production Filming

You’re Wise. Considering a 4K video shoot for your next brand video or commercial?  You might not need it.  But then again, you might want it.  Because you’re wise.  (This is part one of a two-part article.  Read part one here.) After my previous ramblings about 4K and pixels and the pointlessness of delivering 4K video to people with tiny…

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