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List a few time and date options for a phone or video call and a competent team member will be in touch shortly.  If inquiring about our video services, please include important details such as:

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Frequently asked questions

What is the typical timeframe to produce a video?

This highly depends on how many video assets we are producing. Our typical production timeline – from quote to completion – is anywhere from 45-90 days. Often it’s shorter for individual brief videos, and sometimes it’s longer for multi-video campaigns. (It’s not uncommon to plan large campaigns 6-months to 1 year in advance.)

The best way to know if your project window is realistic or not is to schedule a call with our team. Hit that form above!

Do you help write and develop our videos?

Yes, we certainly can! Helping clients form rough ideas into fully-formed, ready-to-shoot creative is in our wheel house. That said, we will gladly produce pre-developed ideas if  a) we feel we are a good fit for the client’s needs and b) the project looks like a win-win for everyone involved. Agencies welcome.

What does this cost?

Every video production is different, just like every business is unique. We can guide you on pricing once we learn more about your project’s requirements and goals. Please reach out via our contact form and we’ll set up a call to discuss.

Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal client is looking for something just a little bit different than conventional business videos. They prioritize effective results above trends and fads. They desire both creativity and a responsible business partner. They want a unique video solution that captures their products and organizational culture, bottles it up to serve to their prospects, and helps their sales teams break away from the pack.

How did you come up with a crazy name like Digital Lunchbox? Who takes you freaks seriously anyway?

To be honest, we wanted something significantly less lame than “Tri-Lakes Video Productions” or “That Branson Video Company.” Credit goes to one of our founders, Josh Williams, for coming up with the name Digital Lunchbox in 2008 as a clever way to say “All your media services in one box.” And let’s be real, it’s a better name than Digital Lunchmeat or Analog Knapsack.

The lunchbox image in the center of our logo today was designed by co-founder Jesse Christoffersen and has always been a part of our branding.  Our logo icon was updated in 2018 by designer Brittany Matthews and founder/owner Jason Spencer to incorporate a triangle shape (like a play button), its three sides being a nod to the three founders of the company.

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