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If your video producer isn’t making your life easier, then we need to have a talk.

As a professional providing video production services in Springfield, Missouri and the surrounding region, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details of creating videos and take for granted the #1 benefit to the marketing director or brand manager I’m serving:  Oftentimes the client doesn’t necessarily want to know every little detail about how the sausage is made.

Most brand managers just want an effective video that’s more easy and painless than their other options of creating content for their business. So how does a video producer (like me) make life easier for YOU as a client? Well, there are a lot of things that go into that, but here are three key examples from our past experiences.

First, when telling your company’s story, quality has to be a priority.

Now when I say quality, don’t be deceived. Yes, that means Image quality. But it also means quality of message and how well that particular video producer can translate your message to the screen in a way that’s faithful to your brand.  Not just whatever style of video that producer likes to make.  Whether that video is for a conference or convention, or to potentially millions of people at a time on social media. The first impression matters. And both image quality and message quality should be of the utmost importance.

Second, an experienced video pro should have resources at their fingertips that you don’t.

I’m not just talking about snazzy cameras and lights, or putting on the big “Hollywood-style” spread to impress the higher-ups. Your video producer should prioritize resources that make a creative difference in executing that MESSAGE: the right crew persons, talented actors and models, even artists and illustrators.  And a creative, business-minded video producer should help you squeeze the most out of the assets at your disposal in order to accomplish your goals.

Third, a creative video producer can take a project that’s stuck in neutral and give it some “creative gas.”

Assuming that you don’t already have an advertising agency or other third-party working your video’s concept, a video producer should be talented and experienced enough to support or enhance any sort of creative ideas that you’ve put forward. That producer should be active participants in the project, not just day-laboring contractors on a J.O.B. Their primary concern should be one thing and one thing only: making the very best presentation for your business within the confines of the resources committed.

But remember… you still need to be involved.

There will be times in the process where your producer will need feedback. Just like building a house, sometimes videos can be complicated things with lots of moving parts, assembled in a particular order. (Making videos might seem fun and flashy but it’s not always for the faint of heart.)  YES, a video producer should make the process easier – but that doesn’t mean you as the client can be uninvolved. At minimum, a client will be required to make approvals at key steps in production. We’re going in-depth on – “what to expect when you’re hiring a video company” in a future post, so check it out here when it posts:

If you’re a marketer, a video producer should make your life easier. And if your video producer isn’t making your life easier then we need to have a talk.

Jason Spencer

Author Jason Spencer

Jason Spencer is a director, editor and cinematographer who serves as managing partner of Digital LunchBox, a creative agency and video production company based in the Missouri Ozarks. He has worked with agencies, production companies, and TV networks since 1998, unleashing awesomeness on literally hundreds of productions. +Jason Spencer

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