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My team and I have experience in resort video production in Branson, Missouri.  This article is based on our experiences creating video content for broadcast, social media and other digital platforms. (This is Part 1 of our Hotels and Resorts mini-series — part 2 is posted here.)

Every hotel or resort property is different, therefore every hotel or resort video should be different. In general, we don’t like “cookie cutter videos” here at Digital Lunchbox and you shouldn’t either. So today I want to share 3 things every resort or hotel should keep in mind when planning a promotional video.

1. Play to your strengths

Yeah, I realize that sounds sort of generic. Like “who wouldn’t do that” but really… it’s amazing how many companies over the years have asked to show EVERYTHING at their business when in reality showing just a handful of killer amenities makes the sale.

2. Be mindful of where you sit in the market, who your audience is, and your location (beach, lake, ski slopes, etc.)

We recently produced a video for Chateau on the Lake – a well respected resort hotel on Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri. In part 2 of this video, we’ll talk about our process on that project, and how we worked with Chateau’s sales team to figure out the right approach. But in short, we told the story of a resort in close proximity to theme parks and live shows, but married with the rugged beauty of the Ozarks hills, lakes and streams.

3. Think about all the distribution possibilities before you start so you can leverage your digital channels.

Get that video out there! Put that video all over the place. Obviously you want it on your website, obviously you want it on your social channels, and of course, you have a YouTube account. Are you chopping that video into short pieces and re-purposing those visuals on Instagram?  (Keep in mind that Instagram’s IGTV allows businesses to feature videos longer than sixty seconds.) These are little things, but they matter. Your company spends money on a great video, why not squeeze the most out of that asset? So think about ALL the distribution possibilities up front and ask your video producer to keep those channels in mind as they plan your production.

Looking for tips to create a solid representation of your hotel or resort? Keep these fundamentals in mind!   Don’t miss part TWO where we take a look behind the scenes at our promotional video for Chateau on the Lake Resort, Spa and Convention Center on Table Rock Lake.

Jason Spencer

Author Jason Spencer

Jason Spencer is a director, editor and cinematographer who serves as managing partner of Digital LunchBox, a creative agency and video production company based in the Missouri Ozarks. He has worked with agencies, production companies, and TV networks since 1998, unleashing awesomeness on literally hundreds of productions. +Jason Spencer

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