The Challenge

Historic Downtown Branson’s Community Improvement District operates a public trolley system that shuttles visitors to and from Branson Landing and points of interest around the historic downtown district. The CID’s operating board desired a video, shown on screens inside the trolleys, that would entice visitors to explore the downtown district and patronize the unique businesses located there.  One requirement of the CID’s request for proposal was the ability to create an animated mascot for Historic Downtown Branson.  Our team jumped at the opportunity to bring a character to life.

The Solution

Inspired by Pixar’s films, Digital LunchBox created Sparky, a 3D animated trolley that would act as a guide throughout the 7-8 minute video.  As Sparky took shape, the client decided that the downtown trolleys would be altered to match the character, from his glossy red paint job to his classic golden pin-striping.  The finishing touch?  A colorful decal on the side featuring a picture of Sparky.

The Result

In the year following implementation of our video, the Downtown Branson Community Improvement District reported an increase in trolley ridership and a significant increase in tourism tax revenue collected.  The end result was a video that surpassed the expectations of the client, hosted by an animated character that emotionally connects the viewer with Historic Downtown Branson: a special place that “feels like coming home.”  In addition to the full-length trolley video, Digital LunchBox has produced a series of :30 TV ads for local cable that introduces audiences to Historic Downtown Branson.

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